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Chris Miles
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The Colleyville Eco House started construction in May, 2008. This luxury home is another project by award-winning architect William Peck, (William Peck & Associates) and award-winning builder Chris Miles (GreenCraft Builders LLC).

The Colleyville Eco House is a demonstration project for the US Department of Energy's "Building America" program to encourage homeowners and builders to live and build in a more fiscally and environmentally sensible manner. The Building Science Consortium has included this home as one of their national projects for 2008. Achieved certifications include:

  • USGBC LEED-H Platinum
  • Green Built North Texas
  • NAHB Green -- Gold
  • Energy Star

Test Results

Building Science Consortium in partnership with the "Building America" program has concluded its initial tests on the home. The house received a HERS index of 34. The HERS index is a widely used scale from 0-100 that measures the efficiency of a home with 0 being the most efficient and 90 being the average home score. We are confident that this 4800 sq. ft. home will meet/exceed our average monthly heating and cooling goal of $150 per month. Building Science Consortium will continue to monitor the home for a period of one year to evaluate its performance as well as the homeowners will provide us with the utility bills each month along with the kwh usage from the separate HVAC electric meter so that we may monitor the exact electricity usage of the home.


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